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Andrew CAPPS


Paris (75020) France

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Having accomplished a master’s degree program in general engineering, with a major in Embedded Systems, I am passionate, curious and willing to expand my professional area of expertise in the Electrical and Electronic Systems, Wireless Instant Control & Communication, Battery Monitoring Systems, as well as Industrial and Graphic Designing. I am highly motivated in taking part in a project related to these subjects within Conception, Test and Validation. Experience(s) I wish will impact and expand the Energy Storage Capacity Technologies as much as the use of the Computer Interfaces & Wireless Data Transferring.
As well, associating a professional project with expanding my worldview, as culture exploration, highly interests me. Therefore, I am opened to relocation and international professional experiences.
I would be glad discussing these subjects with other professionals.

Expériences professionnelles

Ingénieur conseil

ANDREWCAPPS , Paris - Mission

De Juin 2020 à Aujourd'hui

Test & validation engineer

ALTEN SA , Boulogne-billancourt - CDI

De Octobre 2018 à Novembre 2019

Ingénieur d'études expérimenté - Renault
Electrical Infrastructures Validation

Hardware engineer

ROSSINI ENERGY , Villeneuve-d'ascq - Stage

De Mars 2018 à Septembre 2018

RossiniEnergy ( is a startup that develops innovative energy storage systems with parked electric vehicles.
We operate in Italy, France and Australia.
The headquarters is in a building with photovoltaic roofing and intelligent electric car charging systems, which allow on-site experimentation.

For a project to create electric car charging stations, we want to validate the certification of our prototype to the standards in force, including IEC61851 and IEC62196.
It is therefore a question of taking charge of the current design, evaluating and then implementing the necessary modifications to ensure that it complies with the standards.

For a smart car charging cable project, we want to develop a system that allows, thanks to remote communication through a 4G modem and a rasperry pi zero integrated in the cable handle, to stop and restart in less than 20s the charging of the car, to perform services to the network.
It is therefore to participate in the work of the team and make a prototype that will be tested on site with cars charging on the site.

Ingenieur developement

GREENLOC , Neuilly-sur-seine - Stage

De Juillet 2017 à Septembre 2017

Analysis of the feasibility of photovoltaic installations

Technical skills:
Technical simulations, verifications & validation
Solar panel layout plan
3D representations
Live reporting between departments
EasyRoof and GSE solar panels

Autocad / GSTARCAD
SOLARGIS / GéoPortail IGN / Odoo

Human skills:
Problem solving
Quick project adaptation required

Assistant researcher


De Juin 2015 à Décembre 2015

Mechanical and Electrical Departments

The PI Solar Car Project

PCB Designing and Conception: BMS & Telemetry
Fundamentals, Designing and Conception of two Project Circuit Boards (PCB):
Battery Monitoring System (BMS): Power monitoring between the arrays.
Telemetry System: Measures taken instantly from a moving remote point.

Technical skills:
Solar car system & process: Solar Arrays / Power Trackers (BMS) / Lithium Ion Batteries / Motor & Controller / Sensors

Electronic Design Flowchart / Integrated Circuits / Analog-Digital Conversion / Telemetry
Electromagnetic Principals & Interferences (EMI) / Power Electronics / Battery Challenges / BMS

Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Autocad / Eagle / L.T.Spice / Matlab & Simulink / VHDL

Human skills:
Problem Solving
New environment: people, culture, country and project adaptation required

Assistand de direction / employer polyvalent

ESPRIT DE FRANCE , Paris - Autres

De Juin 2012 à Novembre 2018

Night & Day Receptionist

Administration and customer service
Good written and spoken communication
Patience and tact: the ability to stay calm under pressure and look after several things at once
Structural responsibilities

Medialog: computerized booking and payment systems
Microsoft Office

Formations complémentaires

Ingenieur Pluridisciplinaire

ESME-Sudria - Systemes Embarques

2011 à 2018

Master's degree in System Engineering

Systems: Embedded Systems & Hardware Electronics

General Courses - Technical Skills:
Electrical & Automatic Systems
Networks & Telecommunications
HR, Business & Project Management (PMBOK)
ISO Certification & Intellectual Property

Data Transfer Development Board through a Lora Communication.

Colorimetric sensing: PCB building for colorimetric sensing over a year.
How: Detecting the % of each primary color.
For: Affecting the obtained data on inside applications as farmhouses.

Domotic block:
Automated mock-up house from scratch: shades, door, lights, sound.

Bachelor of Science

Riga technical university - Systems Engineering

2014 à 2014

Courses - Technical Skills:
Embedded Systems
Electric Circuits
Networks & Telecommunications
Business communication

Human skills:
New environment, people, culture
Country adaptation required


Rotary International

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Ordre de Malte

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ESME Sudria – Ingénieur – 2018


Anglais - Langue maternelle

Français - Courant


Embedded Systems
Battery managment system
Systèmes énergétiques

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  • Mobile Design Graphique et Industriel / Prototypages Électroniques Voyages : Amériques du nord
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